13174187_1032048040181942_5570634726038938353_nAs I’ve come to college I’ve have had the privilege to experience so much. From meeting many friends, going on an Alternative Spring Break Trip, joining a couple organizations, and juggling my various roles as Chief Copyeditor for Sheepshead Review, an America Reads Tutor at Fort Howard Elementary School, and my internship for the UWGB Marketing and Communications department, I wouldn’t trade the busy life for anything. I even attended (and helped plan and promote a couple) several events on campus.

One of the most amazing trips I’ve ever take was the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. This was a life changing event for me, because it forced me out of my comfort zone and to take on a completely different culture. I also learned about the many serious issues that often times are overlooked such as poverty, alcohol, and suicide that has a stronghold on many of the people. 11052388_927653263946048_5775010187821019922_n

I’ve also had the opportunity to attend two campaigns on campus. The first one was a  Bernie Sanders campaign. Here we listened to him talk about his ideas and plans of what he wants to do if he became president. The second was a roundtable discussion with Senators Tammy Baldwin and Dave Hansen for Baldwin’s “In The Red” legislation. This was a discussion with current and former students, and their discussion on paying for college and student debt loans. You can view the short press here.baldwin-visit-624x325

As my life is spent consistantly typing for my internship, reading for my classes, working with children as a tutor, and cramming for my exams it’s been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. College is supposed to be the best years of our lives, and it truly has been a life changing experience. I hope that as I graduate soon, I can take all the memories and acquired knowledge with me down whichever road I’m supposed to be on. It’s never good bye, Green Bay, but see you later.